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威尼斯欢乐娱人v3676 | 2023 欧洲 Enlit 电力能源展探索燃气计量创新

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On November 28, 2023, the 24th European Power Energy Exhibition commenced in Paris, France. Zenner Metering, a prominent Sino-German joint venture global enterprise, had already established sales and service branches in over 40 countries and regions around the world. As a leading force in the energy measurement industry, Zenner Metering was honored to have been invited to attend the conference, where it showcased the latest advancements and innovations in gas measurement technology in a comprehensive manner.


ZENNER Global Representative Team


Enlit stands as Europe's preeminent and most expansive event, encompassing a diverse spectrum of energy and power sectors. This includes the intricacies of natural gas production, distribution, utilization, and its integration with renewable energy sources. Professionals hailing from energy sectors, suppliers, and industry associations representing over 100 countries converged to facilitate the exchange of the most recent scientific and technological accomplishments, as well as to delve into emerging industry trends.



The European gas industry is currently navigating an energy transition towards a more sustainable trajectory. Nations and enterprises are actively striving to diminish their reliance on conventional fossil fuels, steering towards cleaner energy sources, notably embracing renewable and low-carbon iterations of natural gas. Despite this transition, natural gas maintains its pivotal role as a significant energy source in Europe, catering to essential needs such as heating, electricity generation, and industrial applications.



The European gas industry has witnessed substantial technological innovations, encompassing advancements in natural gas generation efficiency, breakthroughs in energy storage technologies, and notable innovations geared towards enhancing the overall efficiency of pipeline networks.


The gas industry is progressively directing its attention towards intelligent and digital technologies with the aim of enhancing the efficiency, safety, and reliability of energy systems. The incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, including the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, is fundamentally reshaping the operational landscape of the gas industry.



Zenner team engaged in profound discussions with industry experts regarding the aforementioned phenomenon. Esteemed customers and attendees from prominent brands visited our booth to gain insights into our products and solutions. Zenner team conducted meticulous product demonstrations and provided comprehensive question-and-answer services, fostering insightful discussions on the future evolution of gas metering with our valued customers and attendees.


Europe has consistently stood as one of Zenner's most pivotal markets. With years of dedicated presence, Zenner Metering has cultivated a profound footprint in the European market, offering products and services that span the entire region and solidifying an exemplary brand image. The enduring partnerships established with European customers and collaborators have positioned us as proactive contributors to the advancement of intelligent gas solutions in Europe, resulting in mutually beneficial, long-term outcomes.

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